ok ok ok i know it's been awhile.  and you probably thought this blog was dead.  well i am still hopeful that perhaps someday i will have time to write more.  things have just been crazy busy.  i've got a lot going on right now--no time to blog!  but today was so eventful i just couldn't let it pass without recording all the preceding events.  so here's the run-down:

~ accomplished a bit more on putting together our wedding website.  link will come when completed.

~ selected paper color and weight for our forthcoming wedding invitations

~ booked our registration for the ccda conference in september.  volunteers pay only $25!

~ booked out honeymoon!!!!  i'm not one for this usually, but this deserves all caps--ITS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!  heather's aunt and uncle so generously offered us a week on their timeshare, and after doing the research of what was availabe and what fit our dates, we're going to MALTA!!!  now if you don't know where malta is, this might help:

for those of you who don't know malta is a small little mediterranean island south of italy.  the resort is top notch and we feel so blessed to have been given this amazing incredible opportunity!  it looks something like this:

oh and this is where we're staying:

yeah.  i know.

~ then we went and got heather a car!  insane i know!  my brother-in-law was going to trade in his 2003 taurus and they didn't offer him very much, and he heard we were looking for a car so he just gave us it for the same as the trade-in offer!  such another huge blessing.

~ then we went to pick out wedding bands.  heather found a really great one and i am still deciding. it's tough.  i mean, i'll have it the rest of my life!

~ and tonight we had fun with the community--community dinner, ice cream after at foo's frozen custard, followed by a viewing of run fatboy run, one of my favorite comadies. 

to say the least, all in all it was a pretty great day!