A Walk in the Monastery

This afternoon I took a little hike up to the monastery, St. Maria Assunta, that is just up the hill from our school. It was a very nice, peaceful place. I walked around some, took pictures, and did some leisurely reading. Of course none of those things would be per say equivilent to studying for midterms, which was in fact my primary purpose for going. . . but I had a nice afternoon nonetheless. And you will benefit from my lack of discipline by enjoying these fine photos:

I have two midterms tomorrow, and not only did I not study at the monastery, I haven't started yet. I'm really not that worried if you can't tell. Still, discretion and the fact that my parents are probably reading this urges me to make this short. Don't worry Mom, they send home midterm grades here to the parents. Sometimes this really feels a lot like a high school.

Actually the monastery had a little cemetary which I walked around a little. I'm taking history of death and dying next semester, so I figured I would get in a little prelim work. Actually it was really nice. People used to walk in cemetaries all the time so I'm told--death was something that was all around and demanded respect instead of it being pushed away and hidden. Well, in a remote corner of this cemetary, tucked against the stone walls was a small unmarked gravestone. It really struck me. How significant is that not to even have a name on your headstone? I mean, that person lived a life--a full life. How is it that they can not even be honored by the testimony of even just their name. It was a mystery though. What did this person do in their life? Did they want an unmarked gravestone? There was just a cross on it. It was an interesting picture that stirred a lot of thoughts in me and increased my appreciation for human life. I have to give some major kudos to Sam and Mitch. I received a package not long ago from them that was really amazing. They receive the prize for the best package so far. I would tell you what was in it, but I don't want to stifle your ideas! Also thanks to Jodi and Mom for their packages. I know that you all are just eagerly hunting through the old posts to find my address now. Ok, I'm off to studying!


  1. luke im not even sure WHAT to include in a package to you.

    beyond that, how neat you get to hang out in a monastery. great place for solitude?

  2. Lucas! believe or not walking through the cementary is something I used to do at Kalamazoo too... funny ah! I felt awkward stepping on people's left overs though, but it certainly had a nice view of the town which I enjoyed... yours looks a lot cooler though... un abrazo!