- the hole in my back/butt that was about 2 inches deep is now about 1 inch deep
~ i have a 1 inch hole by my tailbone
- i can kind of sit down for awhile, especially on hard surfaces and if i lean forward
~ i have a nasty form of strep throat now--hurts every time i swallow, fevers, ears ache (this is getting kind of ridiculous)
- my open wound no longer has to be unpacked and packed every day (that was painful)
~ i have to clean and dress my wound with gauze multiple times a day
- i'm off that really stupid high maintenance antibiotic that also made me feel sick
~ i'm on a new antibiotic for my throat, and the pills are the size of a fun-size snickers...ok not quite, but my throat is the problem--not a good combination!
- i can kind of drive now--not my car though, it's a stick
~ i'm stuck at home most of the day, and i'm almost running out of books to read (they're all in manhattan)
- i've gotten a lot of reading done
~ i miss people. i miss manhattan. i've missed the whole end of the year there :(
- i've also seen some good movies, one of which--darjeeling limited, love it!

ok i promise i'll have a post not about all this crap sometime soon--or maybe something i've learned from all of it. still waiting on that learning something from all this part. or you know, why all this is coming down so hard. but hey, if you're in kc and want to come sit with me, watch a movie, read, say hello, whatever. that'd be awesome.


  1. Luke, you under-the-weather man, you,

    Crap? I think not, dear sir. This is just your life right now--and a fascinating life, I might add. A hole?! A stinkin' hole?! That deserves to be talked about.

    No need to rush toward learning something. This, in and of itself, IS something.

    Essentially, I'm granting you permission to make posts exactly like this for as long as you live.

    Also, being sick sucks.

  2. Thanks Luke! I will definitely check it out. So sorry things have been crappy lately. If you want to get out tomorrow, we are watching The Office finale at my house and you are more than invited. Let me know and I can give you directions. Later friend!