yay america

the 4th of july is my least favorite holiday. i don't quite get it really, to be honest. sure it's fun to just sort of hang out and grill some food, but you really could do that any saturday if you set out to do it. i think part of what i don't understand is that we decide to celebrate by tapping into that inner destructive part of ourselves--we're free! let's blow stuff up! or at least once that is a little more subdued we find delight in watching lights in the sky. and i just don't get the delight in that--they look the same every year. sure there are lots of colors but it just seems so underwhelming. if i want to see colors moving in special directions my screen-saver is about the same level of engagement for me. we could even hook up the computer to a projector if it's not big enough for you. cause we need big and explosions to celebrate our country.

i'm not writing this to try to steal your joy if you love this holiday. i hope it's a blast for you. in fact, to help me understand how about you tell me why you love this holiday--or if you really want why i should love it.


  1. http://ohforheavencakes.blogspot.com/2009/07/all-american-girl.html

  2. I really like traditions and I have lots for the 4th, so i think that's why I really like it. Also, it's probably the only day out of the year I eat deviled eggs. Not to mention how easily entertained I am. Maybe it's just because it makes it really feel like summer, since there really aren't any other holidays in the summer.

  3. I love 4th of July because of my family get together but it could be any random day and it would make no difference... I did not celebrate it this year, I guess Greenland doesn't care about our independence day!

  4. you totally didn't steal my joy.
    i've trained my mind to fend off your cynicism.
    constant vigilance.