thomas merton

"Very few men are sanctified in isolation. Very few become perfect in absolute solitude.
Living with other people and learning to lose ourselves in the understanding of their weakness and deficiencies can help us. For there is no better means of getting rid of the rigidity and harshness and coarseness of our ingrained egoism, which is the one insuperable obstacle to the infused light and action of the Spirit of God.
Even the courageous acceptance of interior trials in utter solitude cannot altogether compensate for the work of purification accomplished in us by patience and humility in loving other men and sympathizing with their most unreasonable needs and demands."

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  1. ha! that makes me laugh because i've been feeling the sting of "the work of purification" caused by "loving other [women] and sympathizing with their MOST unreasonable needs and demands." :)

    i'm currently sharing a 300 sq ft studio with my sister and i feel like i've been more humbled and learned more about myself and loving others than i have in a really, really long time.