so, i thought i would take this opportunity to celebrate. recently a friend of mine devoted a blog post to the birthday of his celebrity crush. never mind that it was about another man. that's beside the point.

so, happy birthday anne hathaway, one my celebrity crushes. you're 27 today, which means you are less than a year older than me. it could work. think about it, ok? if you say no i'll have to i'll just have to go to rachel mcadams, whose birthday is in 5 days (i'm not a creepy stalker, i promise!). she's a few years older, but that's cancelled because she's canadian. so now's your chance, because it's your birthday. let me know...


  1. I always forget about her, and then every time I see her I remember, "Oh yeah, she's amazing." And then I remember Princess Diaries, and then I try to suppress that part of my memory.

  2. i don't know what nick's talking about
    there's nothing remotely worth forgetting about princess diaries.

    and i like it how you say, "so here's your chance"
    as if it's a limited time offer.
    i highly doubt that if she waited a few years or something you'd refuse.
    am i right or am i right?