christmas music

people either love it or hate it right? or at least so it seems. maybe some people think it's ok or they don't mind it. but if we're all honest with ourselves we can't call that shite they play on kudl or 102.1 or whatever they're called anything but an earful of christmas dung. ok maybe there are some decent songs interspersed, but really we become so sick of hearing them it doesn't even matter. when the christmas music starts in october we're ready to pull a double van gogh before the ides of december.

fortunately though there are some good musicians out there trying to create christmas music that is actually good, whether by redoing some of the old stuff or writing new classics. the problem it seems for most people is finding it!

well now you all are in luck! your christmas music santa is here! with this week leading up to christmas i will post a christmas song a day, something you can actually (hopefully) enjoy. nothing lame or cliche. sometimes unknown sometimes familiar. maybe some of you out there can even play the role of elf and send me some of your favorites--they might even get played!

so saddle up your ears and ride into christmas on a delightful joyous medley of holiday cheer!

"why can't it be christmas time all year?" by rosie thomas

(i posted this one last year too, but this is a good one to kick it off)

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