st. brigid of ireland

well i just finished a pretty good book about st. brendan of ireland.  brigid was one of the characters in the book and i happened to learn that today is her feast day. 

enjoy a reflection about her life.  and celebrate the rich tradition of celtic christianity.

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  1. Well thank you fellow music twin. I saw that!!!! My heart leapt a thousand miles and then some-I love him so much. Sadly, I haven't listened to him in a while but have now reacquainted myself with the wonderful artist once again. As far as listenting goes, it varies, this week hmmm...a handful of The Civil Wars...Luke Pickett...Bonnie 'Prince' Billy...Stars...Max Richter...Grace Potter and the Nocturnals...Matt Nathanson (just one song over and over)and of couse some Over The Rhine. Nothing too exciting. How about yourself?