Alas we all must come to the realization that the posts will be far less exotic on those days that I do not travel. Today is such a day, as was yesterday. And honestly that's going to be the case the majority of the time. But do not lose heart dear readers, you are in luck. It may not be stunning pictures of the highest sights in Europe that tantalize your eyes, but rather my palatable, provacative prose that will scintillate your senses. Well maybe that and the fact that you get a more personal, intimate look into the details of living abroad. And I mean that word in its loaded sense--abroad: not just in the delights of travel but also in the preclusion from home.
That being said, I have a few pictures today of my campus. Hopefully more will follow.

Unfortunately the mountains in the background are washed out because I took the picture in the morning--but I didn't want to be that guy, you know? that guy that takes pictures on campus. Have you ever seen anyone take pictures of their campus? I'm just kidding. I actually don't care. This is a little different in terms of campuses, as you can see.
Today was my first day of classes. I've stacked them all on tuesday and thursday so I have the opportunity to travel more. It makes for a long day of classes, but it's well worth it. I think I will like my classes, and they shouldn't be too hard. Here's what I'm taking in case you didn't know: Northern European Art, Russian Literature, Mass Communication of Politics and Society, and Fiction Writing. Art will be very interesting, learning how to study a painting closely--we're focusing on dutch paintings. I'm most excited about Russian Literature because that's my cup of tea. Mass Com will actually be really interesting, good discussion--heavy emphasis on the idea of public opinion and politics. And fiction writing will be good to keep me writing.
I also wanted you all to know how small of a world this is. In the first place, my cousin's girlfriend is actually from Lugano. How wild is that? We met yesterday and she showed me around the city a bit. Her family is glad to have me in town and they are planning on having me over for dinner sometime. It's cool to have a connection like that even this far away. Secondly, the world is small because travel is cheap. Fall is the best time for flights over here, and I've heard of people finding tickets to Milan for under 400. Milan is only 1 hour away, and if any of you are getting the travel bug and can take some time...
I also wanted to clear the confusion about commenting on here, as I've heard some people mention it. You don't have to have a blog to comment. Just click the comment link and then select "other"--the second on the list. I would love to hear your comments and it's a fun quick way to say hello.
I believe that's all for today. I know I didn't quite come through on my claim for quality prose, but come back tomorrow. Because I'll have less to tell, and so I'll probably spend some time processing how I am feeling and how things are affecting me thus far. And for those of you with a good memory, perhaps you'll know why.


  1. Happy Birthday

  2. happy birthday luke! eat lots of good swiss chocolate or something else as equally fabulous to celebrate :)

  3. Of course we know why you're being reflective! Today is your birthday. Another year of life to ponder. I hope you've gathered a few people around you to help you celebrate. Happy Birthday, Luke!