The Eve

So tomorrow begins the long journey. The weekend in New York and then Switzerland. I've felt anxious the last couple of weeks, but the last few days have been so busy and slept so little that it seems like I've hardly had the time to feel anything. I'm feeling it now though. Tonight was a little send off party/birthday party. It was so good to be able to see most of my friends before I go. Thanks to all of you that came.
I once told someone that I love "eves." The night before something can be such a cool time. Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year. This is an eve. Tomorrow is the beginning of something that I'll never forget. It's pretty unknown and therefore a little scary. The anxiety is there a little--and in the past couple of weeks it's been fluctuating between anxious dread and anxious excitement. When I really pray and think about it, there is so little to be dreadful of--but I will miss my friends and a lot of aspects of my life here.
There is so much to be excited about though. Adventure. Would it be adventurous if it wasn't a little scary? Well then I sure am glad that I'm feeling that fear. But oh how hope prevails so much more.


  1. Luke - It's about time for you to start posting again. I'm waiting by my computer anxiously every minute, hoping to get an update. Actually, I'm really just typing up case briefs for law school for hours at a time. However, I will be expecting a post by Tuesday.

    Hope your flight was good, and by the way, I'm still waiting on a certain email and phone number which you had promised to me.

    In law school, we would call that a bilateral contract. I sent you something, and you agreed to provide me something in return. It was based on a future exchange, and although it wasn't in writing, it is still a valid contract as it is valued less than $500. The factors of intent, duty, and a right to contract are all present. I'll be looking forward to that information. :)

    Swede you later,


  2. Yeah, you gotta be in Svitzerland by now! John had class with Keiser today. He came in talking on the phone about some "super-left wing rediculoso". I just started shouting "GEORGE KEISER!! GEORGE KEISER!!" He just laughed.

    So yeah, let's see some update action--first impressions, people you've met, current score, that sort of thing.


  3. luke, have you forgotten about us already?

  4. Seriously Luke, it is time to hear from you. The Switz cannot be so engrossing that we are forgotten. The eve has passed, the day has arrived, and I wait with baited breath to hear from the traveler of far-off worlds.

  5. I remember when you said that. It is so true, eves are exciting. I am so excited for you, and perhaps a bit jealous. :) But you are going to see, and learn and experience so many fantastic things! I hope you are doing well. ~Heather~

  6. Luke -
    I, along with Ben, Sam, Kassie, and John (but apparently not Heather), am a bit upset, dare I say pissed, that you havent yet posted on your blog. I mean, what is the point of a blog if you arent blogging anything? Hmmm?

    I hope its all going well, and Im just assuming that your lack of post is due to a fullness of life. I miss you friend! I look forward to all the news.