Greece Part 3 and since...

First of all, you all suck for the crap that you gave me for that picture of my new friends that just so happened to be all girls. It wasn't all of my friends from the trip, just so happened that was the best and only one I had of some of them. Alright! Secondly, you all are awesome because I have received three packages this week. They have been a great homecoming surprise. No awards or specific praise...I kinda got in trouble for that last time. They were all great. Though now I do have 3 bottles of kc bbq sauce, 3 boxes of cheez-its, and 2 bags of kc masterpiece bbq chips. When am I going to eat all of this!?!? And I thought I was escaping all the food getting away from Greece...but seriously, thank you all so much.

Ok, back to Greece. I'm running out of time, since I leave for Florence and Venice tomorrow--so I'll have to finish it all up now, and cover this week. So put on your goggles, tighten your belt, and velcro your shoes, cause here we go...

After returning from Santorini, we took the long drive up north to the mountainous region of Delphi. I love the style of the Greek mountains, filled with bushes and protruding rocks. The cool thing about the site at Delphi was that it was on a side of a mountain, so that from the top you could look down and see all the different parts of the ruins. I think the most enjoyable part of this place was the scenery of the great outdoors--a truly different part of Greece. Me at the stadium there--self taken: Olympia
Olympia was probably my favorite place on the mainland. The hotel we stayed in was crazy nice and had absolutely amazing food. The museum had some amazing artifacts, and the archaeological site seemed almost mystical--the sunlight was wisping through the trees and shadows cast all around the widespread ruins. We also saw the very first Olympic stadium (actually not much to see) and had our own olympic games--with my relay team bringing home the gold! And the day finished off with an amazing sunset.
Mycenae & Corinth
These were actually the next two days, but I'm condensing. Mycenae was interesting because it was I think the oldest site we visited. It is pretty famous for the Lion's Gate and Grave Circle A, the latter of which was the subject of many jokes--because every time we saw anything resembling a circle someone was bound to ask, "is that grave circle A?" Corinth was very fascinating to me. I loved the condition of the site, and it was really interesting seeing it in relation to the presence of Paul and the letters to the Corinthians. We saw the building where Paul's trial was held before he was sent to Rome: After all that, we had one last night in Athens of Greek dancing and dinner, then we flew out the next day. It was quite a trip, and I only covered the very basics. I'm putting together a journal specific to that trip though with pictures and greater descriptions, so those of you that want can look at that when I get back. It was truly an amazing time. I wish I was still there (especially since it's so cold here!) Since Greece
Well things have certainly not slowed down since I got back. If anything, things are now moving much more fast-paced. I went hiking yesterday and on monday, up two mountains on either side of Lugano. They were both beautiful hikes with great fall weather, and just in time since today it is now really cold--weather that's here to stay. My friend John's parents were in town this last week too, and they took Bill and me out to dinner which was really nice. Then last night we all went to Milan for an EUFA (European Champions League) game between AC Milan and Anderlecht. It was very exciting and fast paced, with Milan winning 4-1. The fans were crazy and awesome. We saw two big fires and hundreds of flags being waved all over. Fans were singing all the time and were dressed out all crazy. It was a really cool atmosphere to experience.
It's been a crazy week. I've had a lot of fun doing all this stuff and hanging out with my new friends some too. And it keeps on going with a four day trip to Florence and Venice this weekend. I'm looking forward to seeing Amy Jackson in Florence. It will be a great trip, but I'll certainly be ready to be home and get a little rest next week--hopefully.

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  1. i'm pretty jealous of all these hikes you get to do...and so much of God's creation I may never get to see in person. Soak it up friend! your prayer team misses you