The rain is tapping softly on against the skylight window in my room. A cold and dreary day knocks on the glass. The new Damien Rice underscores the percussion. It's a great day to stay at home and sip on a cup of tea with a good book, or to lay down with your thoughts--often drifting in and out of sleep. It's a rainy day. I love rain. I always have.

Did you know rain delays trains? It's possible I guess, especially for trains coming from Italy. Well this one last night was an hour and twenty minutes late...making the Zurich connection to Vienna impossible to reach. It would have been a fun weekend. I was quite excited about it. I might still get to Vienna...but it certainly won't be this weekend.

Well rather than take an impromptu trip to France, I decided to take it easy this weekend. It's a shame to lose a weekend of travel, but it's not so bad. I've been going so much that I don't think I've let my body realize it. It's good to get some rest. It's nice to have some time to really think. It's nice to let the rain tick idly right along with my watch. Maybe I'll be able to figure some things out, to pray, to read, to reflect, to relax. That sounds nice. That sounds like something I've been missing.

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  1. Rain and reflection...reminds me of one of the songs on Bebo's CD about raining down on me, maybe reigning down on me. It's a great song and now I will be singing it in my head all day. Wonder if you'll be able to catch the Michigan-Ohio State game somewhere today. Thinking of you with love, Mom