Packing up the Dreams

Well I leave here in just an hour or so--on my way to Zurich to stay the night, and then fly out early in the morning. It will be good to get home.

It's been a crazy week. Every time I'm confronted with change and loss I seem to reflect on a lot. It's awful to have to go through leaving everyone and everything here. It makes me appreciate the idea of eternity--when I compare it to the pain of all that is temporal here. It's been a really hard week. Saying goodbye here is so difficult, because I know that I will never see most of these people again, nor will I know this place again like I do now. It's almost like it's a higher degree, because every other time I've said goodbye it's knowing that it is just for a time. It's mostly bitter now...I'm just waiting for the sweet to come.

Still though, it's impossible to look at all of this just through the lens of my current sadness. This has been such an incredible experience that is way more than anything I've deserved. I've gone places and grown close to people that are all so extraordinary. I'm so glad that I've been able to keep in contact with you all through this. Thank you for reading and taking an interst in my life.

This is my last post, on my last day in Switzerland. I say farewell and turn the page, always ready to read the next whatever it might bring. I'll be seeing you all soon.

1 comment:

  1. Luke.
    i feel your sadness. no amount of moves will make it easier, but the sweetness will come. it will; it always does.

    and most likely that sweetness will come when you get to see me.

    it'll be good to have you home my friend.