Renewal rends the rust.

i hate alliteration.

I don't hate a lot of things though. In fact, the problem now seems to be I love too much.

I'm glad to write again. My life is not only interesting by it's surroundings. A year later nearly. I can hardly believe it.

as this stone rolls to a stop, there may be no moss--but it's still a rock.

how did that happen?
i thought i was more prepared.
i thought it wouldn't be so hard--in either way.

am I still neutral? i suppose for now. we'll see though.

I'm ready for something. Is it coming?


  1. I love that youre back to blogging! I'm looking forward to the goodness.

  2. yeah blog world!
    it's for sure going to be popular now.
    with you, graham and me on board?
    it'll be a fad.
    a fad that we started.
    go us.