"We can never reach the innermost center of another being. We are always alone, each for himself. But we can reach it in a movement that rises first to God and then returns from Him to the other self. In this way man's aloneness is not removed, but taken into the community with that in which the centers of all beings rest, and so into community with all of them. Even love is reborn in solitude. For only in solitude are those who are alone able to reach those from whom they are separated. Only the presence of the eternal can break through the walls that isolate the temporal from the temporal. One hour of solitude may bring us closer to those we love than many hours of communication. We can take them with us to the hills of eternity." --Paul Tillich

Do you believe it? Cause I don't know if I do. But I want to.

It's been good to be alone this weekend. Taking a night away last night. Today, remaining in solitude even in the midst of people at times. I guess I keep trying to climb those hills.

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  1. it's an interesting thought...one i hadn't really pondered before. i hope there has been peace and rest in that solitude. "what a beautiful piece of heartache.....there's more to life than words" fitting.