blessed week

this week is a great time. not only is my lifelong friend getting married this saturday--a great event in and of itself. but it is also national donut week! some say it's just the first of june, some say it's the first friday in june (which is today), and others think there is way to much donut love for just one day.

total donuts consumed so far this week: 11. wow, i'm almost to a dozen. i don't think i will have any problem getting there by tomorrow.

so go out and enjoy a donut. and get a real donut, not just some poor excuse for what some might mistake as a delicious circle of glorious delight.

question #1: favorite donut shop?
question #2: favorite donut?

and answer now.


  1. 11? Im not certain if I should be congratulating you or planning an intervention.

    Well, since Krispy Kreme apparently isn't the right answer, I'm going with Muncher's custard filled.

  2. yay for donut week! so glad i could share some donut love with you yesterday morning. my donut count for the week: 2, and a couple of donut holes. do those count?

    my favorite donut shop: big dan's donuts in irvine, california, which is no longer!

    favorite donut: i'm a sucker for the donut holes, but i also enjoy a cake donut with chocolate frosting and sprinkles of course!

  3. i went to johnny's on monday.
    but they were closed. blah.

    but i'll be honest - my backup plan is always krispy kreme donuts from quiktrip. i dislike their glazed, but i can't complain about the rest of them.

  4. glazed.

  5. 11 donuts?

    This makes me father/son proud. I mean that.

    When I get back, we're having a house warming bbq downstairs. You should totally come up so we can pig out and be roommates again.

  6. 11 donuts, huh? I'm impressed! I didn't have a one.

    Favorite place: Joe's Bakery, Lawrence, KS
    Favorite kind: Tie between sugar covered (regular, not powdered), and sour cream cake donuts.

  7. place: QT
    kind: frosted (NOT glazed) with sprinkles.

  8. http://voodoodoughnut.com/

    so i guess this place makes a donut as big as your face.
    but it's also reknown for being really shady and that the ppl make the donuts while high.
    so while i don't enjoy donuts,
    while i do enjoy classic well known tourist spots,
    while i would like to see a huge donut,
    i'm not sure if i'll make it there.

  9. oh but i do like louisburg's apple cider donuts on fall days after i picked my own pumpkin.