today i was listening to the new coldplay album*--not thoroughly impressed, but only my first listen. i was also going around the internet and reading some blogs. the last song on the album came on and it was sort of waning out in sound, and then it picked back up and started sounding really good. i said to myself, "oo, i like this." i checked my itunes to see that there were only about 40 seconds left. then i went back to the blog i was reading and i realized that it was playing a radiohead song off its page. ha. no wonder it sounded so good.

*yes i realize it's not out yet. i know a guy.


  1. play

    i have high expectations that i soon will be able to say, "i know a guy who knows a guy" about my listening to the new coldplay album prematurely...

  2. stmusic. dude, i was totally a forefather.