by (semi) popular demand

my running playlist. it's ok if you want to copy. but again, cds are $5*. place orders in the comment section please. and without further ado:

1. Eye of the Tiger by Rocky Soundtrack -classic starter
2. Battle Without Honor or Humanity by Kill Bil Vol. 1 -a good shorter one early on, not too high energy
3. Molossus by Batman Begins Soundtrack -perhaps the best one, time to really get going
4. The Chase by Kill Bill Vol. 2 -very short, good to have short songs in between longer songs. variety keeps you going.
5. Like a Dog Chasing Cars by The Dark Knight -recent addition, so good. super intense.
6. Sandstorm by TechYes! -you definitely need this on there. good build for shorter sprints within the run.
7. Training Montage by Rocky Soundtrack -to push through your first wall
8. Elk Hunt by Last of the Mohicans Soundtrack -short and charged
9. No Easy Way Out by Rocky Soundtrack -another good one to keep you going. love the 80s! do it.
10. Green Hornet Theme by Kill Bill vol. 1 -quickness
11. Holding Out for a Hero by Footloose Soundtrack -ok this one is slightly embarrassing
12. Training Montage by Spy Game Soundtrack -short, kinda techno sounding
13. Summertime Killer by Kill Bill vol. 2 -short, better for lower energy
14. Terminal Velocity by Boondock Saints Soundtrack -brings back visuals from the film. that will keep you running!

well that's the gist of it. there are a few more, but i gotta leave a few surprises for the cd*! also mix in a few techno songs off the TechYes! cd--i just don't know what they are actually called. sam made me that cd for going to europe. it's also available upon request.

now if you are laughing at me, remember i am a child of the 80s with older siblings and a love for movie soundtracks. i have left my 80s music behind in my early adolescence, but still there just isn't much that carries the energy to work out to anymore. if nothing else, you laugh and how cheesy it all is and that makes you feel better in the midst of all the pain. but, i suppose you will still scoff. so go ahead and commence. just don't forget to place your cd orders too*.

*you do realize i'm kidding...mostly.


  1. I really do want one -- kidding aside, I am happy to pay you $5 for it. And don't be embarrassed by the 80s music -- my workout mix has a lot of Christina Aguilera (Fighter) and Britney Spears (Stronger) on it. No shame.

  2. nothing gets me pumped like "holding out for a hero"... or Kevin Bacon now that I think of it...!

    CD please

  3. You already have one from The Dark Knight on there?!

    I'm just imagining montages of '80s movies running through your head as you listen. For which reason...I think you need to hear this song.

  4. Oh yeah...and I'd like to submit my request for a TechYes! cd, please.