howdy all

greetins' to all of you folks out there tonight all over the country. i'm coming to you from the mighty ceresco nebraska (insert corny carnival music here). small town usa--where folks are livin' twice as hard as you are a dyin'. just think about it a minute, you'll get it.

it's been a fun weekend, coming up here to visit my friends. it's been some time since i've been up here, but i've made it out several times--including the time i introduced the two now married friends of mine. i'm pretty good at this match-making thing, so if you desire my services don't hesitate to ask.

anyway, it just so happens that this weekend is some sort of crazy fair thing here in ceresco, so i have gotten to partake in the wonderful festivities. though i did miss out on the beer garden (not as glamorous as it sounds--an orange meshed fenced in area you have to pay to enter so you can pay to buy beer) and the street dance--i wasn't too bummed especially since it started pouring on all of them last night, i did get to watch another fireworks show (3rd of the week). it wasn't the most entertaining of the three, but it was quite enjoyable to see my first fireworks show ever with a commentator. in between blasts the speakers would shout out "whoa looka that one!" or "whew! they don't make um like that" or "how bout that boomer!" i could go on, but you get the idea. it was spendid. i also got to be in the parade, riding in the back seat of this:
it was great--the adorable old man driving it told us that he drove the same kind of car back in high school, the 1931 model a. and we threw candy to children lining the street. afterwards we had bratwursts and a funnel cake. so american. kinda. but fun either way.

though truly the best part is seeing my old friends ben and jodi who live off in this distant land. it's good to see them and share in a festival, a game of golf, and some great refreshing conversation.


  1. luke! we totally should. i get back the 24th of july. i just discovered that my gre vocab book is actually kind of fun, so let's learn some words! the math is the most daunting to me though. man. well we will make it a celebration of studying.

  2. ha ohh nebraska.
    my childhood 4th of julys were spent in norfolk, ne watching my grandpa drive a shriner's buggy in the parade, eating those flavored tootsie roll things and then watching fireworks in my gparents' backyard while listening to billy ray cyrus blasting from people's trucks.

    glad you got a taste of it in all its glory.