27 quiet stars

jet-lag is stealing all my late night time. i become so tired pretty early in the evening and it wipes me out for most of the night, as long as i can stay up. and then i wake up pretty early, which is nice to have some more time in the morning--but i am really not used to that. i don't know what to do with time while the sun is still low. i much prefer the night, especially when it's a matter of getting my alone time to figure out what all is going on within me. i don't have a good grip on it now though. who knew that would be a symptom of jet-lag? and who knew it would take this long to adjust? i think my body is just mad that i've made another change to adjust to so quickly after the last one. ugh.

i think we have our non-physical jet-lag sometimes too. and it seems as if mine are corresponding a little right now.

but beneath all of that is a reality that i feel within me. i can't quite bring it up and out in its fullness though it seems--but at times it seeps to the brim and almost pours out. this is an unfamiliar feeling for me. it's been some time. i don't quite know what to do with it either. this joy thing. especially when it's not really connected to any particular thing or event. nope. just a restoration within.

well i suppose that's enough general stream of consciousness for this blog entry. i'll have some substantial reflections on my trip sometime soon. i promise.

on another note: here are a couple of concerts i am a little interested in going to. anyone want to go? let me know!

4/13 mates of state
5/16 flight of the conchords with iron and wine (redrocks in denver)
5/27 the decemberists


  1. mates of state. DEAL.
    my mom went to a funeral with them last year. She and their aunt are best friends/co-workers and had no idea who they were and then asked me one day 'hey, i have a band for you I think you might like-have you heard of 'mates of state?'. Chris burned a cd for you from them. Here you go.' I already had their music, but happily accepted the cd anyway.
    So yes. Lets.

    glad you're back in the states.

  2. I might be interested in going to the redrocks concert. It'd only be about 3 /12 hours away for me. If a random, I've-met-you-once person is invited :)

  3. i love mates of state. where is it at?

  4. This is what you should do when the sun is still low in the morning. Go out to the lake and take a hike. I'm serious, it is the BEST time to go. Everything is fresh, still, quiet, except for the sounds of nature... the birds the chattering squirrels, the sound of random splashes in the water. No one is awake that time of morning out there... and sitting by the shore is a GREAT place to reflect.
    That's my 5 cents.

  5. so yellowcard, gaslight anthema nd rise against didn't make the list??