apparently it takes me leaving the country to have a real blogging hiatus. i spent the last 10 days or so in france, which was i huge blessing. i consider it really fortunate that i was able to do this--when you plan way ahead in advance it is actually quite manageable. international travel is not as difficult as it may seem, and i strongly encourage anyone to do it.

it's difficult to explain exactly all that this week meant to me. it will take a long time to process. and at the moment i am still jet-lagged so my mind is a little foggy. i will have more thoughts as i process more i'm sure. but for now in short i am at least back. back in the country. back to life as it was before but also as it is now in its newness of the changes brought about through this experience. much of it was done by God in my heart behind the veil of perception.

still though, i'll probably take a few peeks behind that curtain and some of what i see will probably make it on here.

but i'm around so give me a shout. i love my friends. lets get some coffee or something.


  1. Yeah, good idea. Let's get some coffee. I'll be excited to hear about your trip!! But next week though, because this week is worse than finals. :)

  2. good times?! great! glad you guys learned and grew and experienced all that you did.