it's in the pudding.

so let's take a little journey and remember time past....

i had a beard.

and then i shaved my head.

then i had a little fun.

yeah i just need to be wearing my admiral's outfit for the british royal navy. i actually left it like this for a couple of days.

then i thought i could be cool like this guy, but couldn't pull it off.

so this is me.

well it's been fun all. sorry to blog about my beard so much--but come on, you know you liked it. guilty pleasures.


  1. insaaaane.
    and you REALLY left it like that for a couple of days?
    you should've gone to a civil war museum or something just looking around smiling.
    not weird AT ALL.

  2. WHAH HAAAHHH!! The second to last picture made me laugh really loud. You look like a redneck, creeper perve guy. Tell me you didn't keep that one for long. No, better yet, tell me you did.

  3. i wasn't aware there was a race of 'redneck, creeper perve guys' but i shall henceforth stay away from them. especially after that pic...

  4. your 'i just shaved my head, WHAT WAS I THINKING' picture cracks me up. so glad to be a part of that

  5. um I wish we would have hung out during phase 3 and 4... I'll miss you!

  6. wow....the spring has come, winter has moved away...i find this promising luke :)

  7. ummm luke, so we need to talk.
    i was thinking of doing a flippy book for stages of the beard. i would call it 'stages of'a' the beard'. i have this pad of stickey notes that i would sketch on, then flip through it when i was finished.

    money maker project.

    so, ah, could you grow it out for me again?

  8. Dude, Shoulda left them chops. Would have made you totally intimidating dealing with that inner city pressure (inner city pressure)