go love

so...i have a new address. well, more theoretically speaking, because we still don't have our p.o. box yet and we don't want to mix our mail with the churches. but i am living somewhere new.

that's right we finally moved into the church on sunday amidst a multitude of complications and difficulties. we have some electrical issues which compound the heat issues and sleeping has been a bit of a challenge, but it's getting better. we've had some wonderful support and help from various people so that has been a huge blessing.

if you are able i suggest you come pay us a visit and check out the place! it is a work in progress, but here's to building your ship at sea.

this is the door to my room. it was like that. you can probably figure out what it used to say. i like it how it is now though. and i like how it looks at night.

ps we don't have internet yet so i will be less available for some time. or it's called a phone.


  1. It used to say "Got Gloves?", right? I really enjoy trying to creatively remove a letter, partial letters, or whole words from quotes to make them funnier. This one turned out pretty good tho.
    Ones like this always make me giggle: http://www.readersdoglist.com/signs3.jpg

  2. YESSS! All moved in! Can't wait to see and send you guys some mail when you get that PO Box