too horrific

ok so i haven't seen it and don't intend to, even if i hadn't read either of the following. my favorite lines:

"Director Michael Bay has accomplished something incredible with Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen. No filmmaker since Stanley Kubrick has so perfectly captured the zeitgeist of an anxious, enervated and testosterone-poisoned society. Bay’s crowning achievement with this cinematic landfill is that he managed to do it unintentionally. Beat that, Kubrick."

"Michael Bay’s 150-minute celebration of attention deficit disorder is like a July 4th fireworks display that doesn't end until July 8th and makes you swear off Roman candles for life."


and please read this entire joy of a review giving the film (if you can even call it that) an entire 8 out of 100--using the term "regrettable."


  1. that doesn't suprise me.
    I thought the first one was dumb =)

  2. yeah, I saw the midnight showing of this movie with some kids--and it was AWFUL! Definitely not worth staying up until 4 am...
    -Blake O