i learned something new recently, and i cannot help but pass on the information to keep you all from remaining in the dark. it may shatter your fragile illusion of the innocence of childhood and all that is sacred, or may just think that it makes sense. but apparently, the word on the street is that...

the ice cream trucks deliver drugs.

it's so sad i know. who would have thought? yes it would seem an effective form of transportation, but have we lost all respect for preserving the sanctity of an american pastime and childhood icon? apparently so. i'm sorry if i melted your innocence a little.


  1. We have one drive through our neighborhood. I'm going to ask them for "the goods" and see what happens.

  2. haha kelly. yeah that's ridiculous stupid drug dealers, you should have an ice cream truck that hands out bibles and balloons and of course ice cream =)