it's friday

sitting at home alone on a friday night, i ponder my evening. somehow, even living with 8 people everyone has found somewhere else to go or be. that's ok, i'm no social butterfly--i am perfectly fine with a chill and solitary friday night. still though, i wonder, where are all my other friends? oh right, they're married.

no matter. i have the blogging world. yes, you my friends. i can be with you now and you'll be with me (or at least my thoughts) come some future date and time. let's spend the evening together. that is if you can be so kind as to not judge me as incredibly lame and pathetic. don't worry folks, i'm here for your reading pleasure--this all will have a purpose. so i'll just carry the computer around with me for a bit and see what happens.

of course that would involve going somewhere. well it's kind of late, maybe i'll get some dinner. taco salaad. leftover. and i'm sitting alone at a table for 10. the sound of my own chewing is way too loud, let's put on some music. how about the fun. album? it sounds a little like the format, but different enough to be a new band for sure. not quite as good.

all done. i'm going to clean up and then maybe write a couple emails. oh shoot but in the kitchen i thought about dessert. i'll save ice cream for later and just have some fruit snacks for now. you all remember how much i love fruit snacks. is it bad that i want a ginger ale and rum? is it bad that i already had a rum and coke? what is it they say about drinking alone? the red ones are the best, by the way. they're usually dinos, not sharks.

i'm a back to having nothing to do. maybe i'll check the royals score. ouch--7-1. poor royals. i walk back to my room. i've had this seabird song stuck in my head, though they didn't play it at the concert last week. it's quite singable. i sing it walking around the church a lot. the acoustics in here are actually pretty good, depending on the room.

ok, 8:45. what now? and this is boring. i'm going to go watch a movie.

if you're thinking all that was pointless, well, in part you are correct. and if you've come to that realization you can now go shut down your own twitter account. if you don't have one, kudos. and i won't subject you to this sort of semi-humorous banality again. goodnight all.


  1. oh it wasn't too banal,
    i actually somewhat enjoyed it.

    and i'll take those anti-twitter kudos.
    and will savor them.

  2. Hey man, can't wait to be back and hanging with you on nights like this.

    I'll get you my expected time back in KC on Tuesday.

    Then you can check my twitter in case of any delays.

  3. is it bad that i dont know what twitter is? :)

  4. home alone? in the hood? you must have been scared!!