confession: i have an addiction. i can't stop. i can't help myself. i need help. i need an intervention. i need rescuing.

yes, it's true. i can't stop eating Dinos & Sharks fruit snacks! (chazoo being the brand). i mean, they are just so good! naturally and artificially flavored. made with REAL fruit juice. and seriously, they provide 100% daily value of vitamin c. so they're healthy right??? one pouch is 100 calories and 1g of fat. 22g of carbs and 13g of sugar yes, but look at all that vitamin C!!! as a dessert substitute at least, not so bad right? unless someone out there is going to tell me that they contain some sort of bone enamel or squid parts that will coat my intestines, i think i'm ok.

(this is the part where you intervene, my dear friends)


  1. two things: i almost wrote a confession last night about cadbury mini eggs.

    and i feel the same way about gushers. i don't have anything helpful to say. just brush those teeth and eat some protein in conjunction with it so your blood sugar doesn't shoot through the roof.

  2. You're like my 4-year old nephew, Micah. On Easter, he did a huge Easter egg hunt, and found plastic eggs full of jelly beans and chocolate and Reese's eggs. But the only thing that he wanted to talk about was the pack of Diego fruit snacks he found in the big golden egg. He couldn't wait!!!

    Good luck. I recommend the Serenity Prayer.

  3. At the risk of being an enabler, I say keep eating them. Until I find you lying in the gutter, wrappers strewn about, I think you're fine.

  4. not only do i refuse to intervene... i wholeheartedly affirm your addiction! sugar-happy Luke is the best Luke.

    (wow, i would make a pretty bad counselor, eh!)

  5. Wow, this is my first time on a blog. This is also my first time posting on a blog. I knew I was destined to post a comment on this entry.

    The other day when watching "No Country For Old Men" I saw you go into the kitchen, open a pack of these things and dump them all in your mouth. I laughed silently to myself. I also confirm, in front of everyone, that Luke does indeed have a problem.