a joke

i've fallen in love in the coffee shop.
just now when we made eye contact,
below your stylish bangs that match
your stylish bag.
you look a little like zooey deschanel.

and now the curve of your finger
as you hold a double-spaced paper.
are you a teacher?
and won't you please turn your hand
just a little more?
oh good--
no ring.

i'm jealous of the man by you--
the worker sweeping by your table.
it's getting close to that time
when they'll start dimming the lights.
you put on your cardigan
and give me one last glance.

unaware that i'm writing about you,
you walk out the door
and out of my life.
should i try to come back this time next week?
or cut my losses
and let my heart mend?
softly saying,
better to have loved and lost...


  1. i like this, and wish it wasnt title a joke

  2. oh I would have a crush on a girl like Zooey too.