i've been struck recently by a few conversations and then a few personal observations all pertaining to the same sort of topic. the general idea is that there are a lot of people out there who are very different on their blog compared to how they are in real life. do you feel that's true? what about other social networking sites? facebook? twitter?

sure certain aspects of people's personalities come through in different degrees--but people are also given the time to filter what they say and display. is this persona we put out there an intentional projection to make people think x, y, or z about us? i think often it's not always intentional. i know several people who at least seem in some ways different on their blog than real life, which makes me wonder about the prospects of online-only friendships or relationships.

so, to go completely narcissistic on you, and since commenting is generally a rare occurrence in which you can indulge this once--

how have you noticed i am different from the person who comes out through my blog?

i have some guesses, but i'm interested to hear.


  1. I think you are more risky on your blog... like more open to say things in a harsher tone. I think it's only natural that things come out differently written down though... but I think you are the same person just more wordy on your blog because you have time to think about what you want to say. I think it makes perfect sense. I do agree about online dating though, it's much easier to be open through writing than talking because you can rewrite it over and over until it's how you want it, words are harder to take back.

  2. 1-in your blog, you write. in real life, you speak.
    2-the things that i notice are not negative but rather, inspiring. reading your blog is a way to your thoughts-i never really had a chance to get to know you on a deep personal level and through your blog i've been able to see you through your 'inner monologue'...kind of.

    ...i know that's not what your question really was, but there you go.

  3. I agree with Tiffany in that you are more bold in what comes from your blog than what comes from you in person. Although this wouldn't always be true for you in person. Generally, people will see you for a few minutes at a time and they wouldn't always see the "deep thinker" part of you... which is a big part of you, at least from what I know. But if they had a pretty in depth conversation with you that lasted for more than a few minutes, I think that around people that knew you well and you were comfortable with, you would share your opinions or thoughts just as boldly.
    I think your blog lets people in on some parts of your personality that they may not experience otherwise if they were just a casual acquaintence.

    I don't really think you're different in your blog than in person.

    Is the question you are asking a round about way of asking people if they think that you are one of those people trying to create an image of yourself that looks good or interesting? If you are asking that question- no, your are not. Not that you are asking that question, but if you are- no.