oh the irony of history. 

today is st. patty's day, which as most people are aware of is honoring st. patrick.  of course very few of the people who celebrate the day most will know very much about the ballsy old scotsman.  yes, that's right, he was scottish--not irish.  he was taken as a slave to ireland, and return as a missionary after God orchestrated his escape.  maybe people have heard the story of how pat chased all the snakes off the cliff, banishing them from ireland to this day.  but there are much more incredible lore around the saint.  i won't go into it too much except to point out perhaps the most ironic one on this day.

st. patrick never wanted people to wear green.  green was the pagan celtic color which was used to draw in the presence of demons to your aid.  patrick would never have wanted his day to be honored by people wearing the color that traditionally in his day was used to call forth demons.  he probably wouldn't have even wanted his own day, but that's beside the point. 

so today, as a means of truly honoring st. patrick, don't wear green.  if you're wearing green, take it off right now (place appropriate of course).  and if someone pinches you, tell them they might as well wrap snakes around their body and scream incantations to the underworld.

happy st. patrick's day!

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  1. BAHAHAAA!!! I haven't worn green all day. :)