so. excited.

now that the olympics are over, we can turn our attention onto something that really matters.  don't get me wrong, i like the olympics, but in comparison--not even close.  sure the medal counts are great and athletes devote their entire lives to standing on the podium, but how about literally an entire nation living or dying by the stroke of a foot?  there is no greater sporting event than the world cup.

now i know this is hard for americans to grasp, especially those that aren't that into soccer.  they might argue about the super bowl or march madness or even the grandness of the olympics.  but nothing is more super, grand, or has more madness than the world cup.  players have literally been killed because of mistakes they made in the games.  i'm not saying that's a good thing, but americans must realize the intensity with which basically every other country in the world views this event.  even the countries that don't qualify probably care much more than the average u.s. citizen.  and that is just sad.

a blog i read reminded me that the games are under 100 days away, and i can't contain my excitement.  it was one of the saddest things nearly four years ago when i realized i wasn't going to be able to watch another u.s. world cup game for another four years.  the fact that it is so infrequent just adds to the insane excitement.  and that day of thrill and joy is almost coming again, and hopes are high.  we have drawn a pretty good pool, with england being our stiffest competition.  but 2 teams make it through and we really should have no trouble advancing.  but then again it's the world cup, and anything can happen. 

i really want to encourage you all to take part in the games this summer.  watch a couple matches, and try to watch them with people who are passionate about the game.  even if you aren't a soccer fan, the energy that exudes from these games is unreal.  after all, no one is really an avid speed skating fan--but you enjoy it during the olympics.  this can be the same way.  the games are so exciting and you know all the while that an entire country is more invested in the game you're watching than you have been for any game of any kind you've ever watched. 

and if you have a hard time understanding soccer, again, watch it with someone who knows.  i'll be happy to watch games with you if you like--i will be spending quite a bit of time watching as many games as i can.  after all, it won't come around for another four years--and by then i'll be in my thirties with who knows what all else going on?  i can't wait!  here is a little video to get you pumped up:


  1. I think you just convinced me to watch the world cup! Although, you might want to remind me when the time comes closer because I'll probably forget if it's still 100 days ways.

  2. WOO HOO! JIMMY On the us team. Wizards opening game is less than 22 days away! AHH I love this season!

  3. Agreed: the World Cup is so much better than the Olympics - 'epic' is the word I am looking for.

  4. woot! woot! world cup!! okay, i am new to this whole soccer thing, but i am really looking forward to this, was even considering catching a match in S.A. with a friend... lol.