my favorites: the rock

well for those of you out there that know me, you might say i'm something of a fairly serious or intense person--in a sort of way. this is really reflected in the art that i love: russian literature, dramatic intense movies, rembrandt, 'melancholy' music, etc.

of course, this does not tell the whole story. and this is a dedication to the other side, the one that doesn't always come out in a place like a blog. in my top 5 movies, right along with braveheart, big fish, the shawshank redemption, and good will hunting--is the rock.

yeah, that's right, the rock. sean connery kicking ass, nicolas cage playing the role he is supposed to--a dorky overachiever, great chase scenes, betrayal, conflict, a good plot, secrets, humor, a thrilling ending, and of course a great soundtrack. yup, that's right. the rock.

i thought about posting a video of a great line, but it's not quite g-rated, so if you want to see it go here. but then go do yourself a favor and go see it if you haven't!


  1. i actually love this movie...and am not surprised it's in your top 5.

  2. the rock, huh? interesting... So here is the photo I promised you, it's not very high quality-- I do what i can with my little camera--and that's why i'm keeping it thumbnail sized. But you can see it, the eclipsed moon and a little star.

    Oh dang it, it's not letting me embed it into this comment. so here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/13509614@N02/2288266076/

  3. this is why we're friends Luke... right here. I LOVE THE ROCK! (come to think of it, the movie & the wrestler/actor!)

  4. I concur, Luke. But, wow (small lol)- Connery could use some Orbit's.

  5. Luke, you have a blog! I'll have to keep posted on what you write. I am thinking about starting a blog myself...
    -Blake Osborn

  6. What a pleasant surprise. Lovely to see this side of you. And did I mention I do a killer Sean Connery? I'll bust out that prom queen quote for you when we're not in public.

  7. you're such an intense and serious person.
    it's rather terrifying.

    if we have somewhat similar movie/book/music taste...
    what does that say about me?
    i really hope i'm not as scary as you.