something of a lullaby

if you haven't heard bon iver yet, here's a taste. it's incredible. i couldn't find my favorite song of his to put on here, but this will do. enjoy.


  1. best friend ever! it's rather silly how excited i am about this whole thing but i've decided that string of numbers may be the best present i've gotten in a while. now i have ben folds, damien and the new jack to keep me company tonight. bliss.

    ps. love the new layout

    and this artist is pretty cool too. obviously.

  2. Luke, you need to teach me how to make a masthead. I mean, I'm ANNIE PARSONS - I need a cooler look to my blog.

  3. hey luke! i've never heard of this guy, but i really like him...lullaby is the perfect word to describe this song.