the wisdom today comes from our friend steinbeck: "In uncertainty I am certain that underneath their topmost layers of frailty men want to be good and want to be loved. Indeed, most of their vices are attempted short cuts to love."

damn straight. of course we tend to focus on the misguided short cuts--the bad things to get money or power so we will be loved, or the misguided loves--that when we feel pleasure or delight that is in some way love. but are their other vices in pursuing love in ways that are accepted?

what are our shortcuts?

does this have to do with our belief that love is finding yourself, when in reality maybe love actually is losing yourself? ok maybe it's both. but do we give up on losing ourselves for the finding? do we take a shortcut that way?

do we jump into something that is not yet its time? or are we so driven by the need that we our desire for love is tainted--it can no longer be a pure and good want in our life?

do we avoid the brokenness and vulnerability that is necessarily to truly receive love? or do we try to earn it by being so good as to not need to go to that place with God, with another, with a family member?

is love something that needs to be earned? it's at least something that does not truly come quickly that is for sure--no matter what you want to say about love at first sight. it is much to full to happen in an instant.

many more thoughts could come from this very rich statement. i don't have any more right now.


  1. ouch. that pinch of "oh yea, i do that".

    i think our shortcuts sometimes get born out of interrupted journeys. the need to self-protect. at least, that's where i'm at.

    gotta love steinbeck. east of eden has officially made the packing list.

  2. maybe it should just be clarified as 'willing to love at first sight' instead of 'love at first sight' because that is essentially what it really is.

    i still think you should take a break from east of eden and start reading 100 years of solitude...

    oh yeah, and so i officially now have a blog. :)

  3. Your question about "jumping into something that is not yet its time" made me think of this post that I read during one of my recent "phantom blogging" experiences: