just so everyone knows

i think that personal hygiene products are just hilarious. especially now with all the different ways of marketing. from body wash in a container that looks like an oil can to deodorant spray that will make women tackle you to shampoo that gives women orgasms--it's all pretty ridiculous.

the funny thing is that it works. i remember being on summer staff with a youth group and watching all the middle school boys on a retreat just load themselves up with that terrible axe spray stuff. you could smell them 3 rooms over. which i suppose is better than the alternative with a lot of middle school boys where you still smell them 3 rooms away. but only slightly better. the sad thing is how much more likely i also am to buy a product if it has the simple words "for men" on it. some of it is to avoid smelling girly or whatever. but then i guess it's just an image thing maybe. you all know the rules you have to follow with all of this stuff (or at least the guys out there do).

my shampoo comes close to the edge of those rules. the bottle is fine and it is pretty herbal--which i need because of my sensitive skin. ooo. but the brand is called abba, which is just kind of weird to be associated with a very effeminate pop group. it doesn't smell girly though--at least i don't think so. it's the perfect blend of coconut, lavender, and cherry bark. and it makes my hair not too oily. i would recommend it.

but as i was standing in the shower not too long ago, just after my return to manhattan i noticed something. this is the description of the shampoo of my roommate tyler roark:

Pink bottle.
Title: "Body Envy"
with a fusion of white nectarine and pink coral flower
and then towards the bottom it says, "get a lift in all the right places"

oh tyler. what have you done?


  1. "the perfect blend of coconut, lavender, and cherry bark..." how close to the edge are we talking??

    To me that's halfway down the cliff, self-justifying that really you haven't technically fallen because you haven't hit the bottom. All this from a guy who uses two hair products to coerce it to the right position.

  2. Real men use Old Spice All in One Shampoo AND Body Wash.

    That being said, I use Aussie, because it helps me manage my lovely curls. And when that is not an option (you really should vary your shampoos and conditioners because of build-up that each shampoo causes differently) then I do enjoy me some Herbal Essence.

    As for body wash, it is all Irish Springs for me. I will admit, I enjoyed the commercial with the Irish lasses jumping out of the bottle, and the next time I was shopping for soap, the product stuck with me. As of yet I must say, however, no Irish ladies, or even American ladies, have been impressed. Stupid false advertising.

  3. that doesn't surprise me one bit about tyler. i appreciate that about him.