music; heart

every now and then there is a song out there that just reaches you. something about it speaks to you in a way that you can't really describe. it is lyrics that speak to your life and where you're at. it is moving music that swells up emotion and connection to all that is around you. sometimes it's a fun song and you are just filled with such joy and happiness that you dance in your car not caring about the woman and her dog staring at you from the other lane. or you sing it loud so that it will resound in your chest and maybe your heart will know it more fully then. it could be a sappy song about heartbreak that you would be ashamed to admit has been on repeat for days. or anything really. even if it's terribly musically and all those snobs at there shake their heads at you for listening to it (i admit to being on both sides of this at times ;) ).

but then every now and then you find not just a song, but an entire artist who you just have some sort of connection with. it's like half the songs were written directly to what you've experienced, and the other half are telling you what you haven't known yet. the tunes are catchy and solid. and you just fall in love with the music. you probably have a couple of those bands you can think of off the top of your head. sometimes it's your "favorite" bands or sometimes those are different. it's more than just music you like. it's about your heart.

i think i found one of these artists recently. and i am just digging it like crazy. and maybe singing it a lot too. i submit to you that you check out Matthew Perryman Jones. one of his albums is free on noisetrade. i think you'll like it. if you don't you have no musical taste whatsoever.

even the big black dude that changed my oil said it was "a good tune."

this one is about the only non-live recording i could find on youtube, and definitely a good song but not even one of my top favorites. musically maybe, but not lyrically. some other songs have just ridiculously good lyrics. so take this as a starter sample--not something to be satiated with.

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  1. You're so right. I saw MPJ at 3rd & Lindsley here in Nashville back in July, and was captivated. Thanks for the heads up about his stuff on Noisetrade - I'll go check it out.

    Whoever came up with Noisdtrade is genius.

    See you on ChristianMingle.com, Luke. :)