so i guess this is something of what it means to be me today. that was the first thing that came up on a google search of "25."

if you make the same search on youtube you'll come up with a great segment from some power rangers episode, but it was a little too long to justify putting on here.

interesting fact about the day of my birth you might not know--it was also the day of the the first african-american in space taken by one of the challenger shuttles.

i also happen to share a birthday with ted williams, cameron diaz, shaun alexander, cliff lee (will win the cy-young this year), and andy roddick.

it is the feast day of felix and adauctus.

and there's way more than you ever thought you'd know about this day, am i right? maybe i'll write a more substantial entry tomorrow during the day if i have time. that is if i can tear myself away from bemoaning all the things i still haven't done now after 25 years.


  1. Happy Birthday Luke!! Cheap Car insurance, YEAH!!! Rent a car, SUPER!!!

  2. haaaaaappy birthday luke! what an honor to share your day with andy roddick, especially as the US open starts. i hope your day rules.