community story

(this is a continued story. read these first: part i. part ii.)

The loud screech is a little off-putting, but you decide that you can't be a coward forever. And besides, the rain is picking up and you feel your body begin to shudder from the cold--or was it fear? You want to get back to Claire, your bride to be, but you also want to get back alive, so you approach the mouth of the cave.

Fortunately for you, your carabiner is still attached to your belt loop. You grab your keys and the attached deluxe survival keychain. It's soaking wet but not crushed from your fall out of the truck; it's some piece of equipment! You press the button for the LED light when a piercing screech comes from it. Wrong button! You have pressed the panic alarm and now anyone within a two mile radius can hear you.

In fright you run into the cave in the dark. You push the other button for the light but it doesn't work. Piece of junk! "Lemming Poo!" echoes throughout the cave, along with the sound of bouncing plastic as you have thrown your deluxe survival keychain deep into the cave. "My keys!" you think. Oh no. You go deeper into the cave feeling around--you have to find those keys, well, really most importantly you can't lose that one special key.

You feel around with your hands when suddenly you touch something that is not rock. In fact, it's wood. It's a trap door in the ground. You find a handle and pull up to reveal a lighted tunnel with a ladder going down.

Do you go down the ladder or keep looking for your keys?

continue the adventure! yes i mean you! see rules.


  1. this completely rules. i feel like i am back in manhattan with you, john, and sam. this is great. it's like the best bed time story, only with no resolution. if only cory blogged....

  2. I continued it...

    "Time is running out, and you have bled a lot already. You have to decide. ¿dónde irá usted?"