from today

truth does not heal, only love.

it is not truth that we need today, but healing. truth is fleeting; it rarely will stick for very long. it is important, but not as much as we tend to place on it--we get that from the greeks, not the bible.

i guess maybe we cling to truth because we can find it much easier than love. we can possess it under our control. or so we think. love is much more elusive. or at least it is as we so often look for it.

how easily we forget that Christ's love cannot be separated from us. his is the love we truly need. it is always there, right before us, in any instant. we need only to access it, to accept it, to receive that wholesome love. let your heart be flooded by his love, by his blood that cleanses, that washes out bitterness and anger and hurt.

Lord help me to remember it now every day, as i will need it at least that often.

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  1. this is really good luke. and hey, thanks for saying hi at homers, it was good seeing you.