and the rain comes...

That's not how things looked today. Today was the first rainy day of the year. We've had storms, but today was like Seattle in that it just rained lightly all day. Apparently that's what the winters are like here. It's a good thing I love weather like this, and that I love rain. It is tapping softly outside my windows, providing a very peaceful evening.

The week days might be far less interesting from an experiential standpoint, as well especially in what I get to relate to you through this blog. But I love just the days of classes and the days of just being here in Lugano. Deep down I really am a big homebody, even though I love to travel. So being here and just hanging out and being low key is a lot of fun for me. Unfortunately those give me few pictures or crazy stories to give to you all though.

This week was one of those weeks, and I loved it. I am getting to know my study abroad friends a lot better and that is just fun. The last two nights we've played cards in my room then some other random things. Tonight we went to a restaurant for some late night pizza. We sat around there for probably like an hour and a half just talking and laughing. It's always fun to get to know someone new, but here I am getting to know like 8 people pretty well and all at once. It has really been a pleasure, especially since the people are from all over the states and are in general pretty different from all of you guys. I miss you guys a lot though still for sure.

Tomorrow we all leave for Munich to go to Oktoberfest. It's the opening weekend. And some of you may be asking the question, "How is Oktoberfest in September?" I don't know. Take it up with the Germans. Actually it's three weekends long as a sort of lead up celebration to October, the harvest, etc. Oktoberfest is probably the most famous druken party on the face of the planet. There are thousands of people there, and maybe I'll be the only one not drunk. I can't promise anything but that is the hope. And Todd, I'll look out for a sweet beer stein for you. I am very excited to get some German beer though. Surprising (or not) the Swiss beer isn't that good. If nothing else this weekend will definitely be an experience.


  1. Gotta love those days when you can hang around playing 10-point pitch all day... (or all night - remember the spring retreat?)

  2. i enjoyed a lil oktoberfest myself on thursday...the blue moon pumpkin ale. different for sure, not too bad. hope you aren't getting to sad with all that rain :)