A Relaxing Weekend

Well since my trip to Interlaken this weekend was cancelled last minute, I was at a loss for what to do. Dang global warming, never there when I need you. (you see, the river in interlaken is a glacier fed river, therefore glaciers would need to melt...you get my joke now?).
So I decided to take a nice relaxing weekend--it might be the only one of the semester. And why is it especially relaxing? Because I have 4 day weekends. Day 3 is coming to a close and it feels like summer. Zach how did you ever do this? It's amazing!
I had some time yesterday that I spent in solitude, and since it was saturday and no one was on campus, I decided I would take the opportunity to snap a few more pictures for your viewing pleasure.

That was the view from where I had solitude--it's called the presidential lawn. I don't think we're allowed on it, but like I said it was Saturday and no one was there!

This is a similar picture to one I put up already, but I realized I was an idiot for not putting the gate and archway in there.

Well like I said I spent the days relaxing and doing homework. I thought I would tell you a little about school, because those of you that are in it only want more and those of you done get to laugh at me for having to take classes still. Or something like that. Right. So one of my teachers, actually teaches two of my classes and is leading my academic travel, is really cool. His name is Robert McCormick, Irish to the hilt, so my name already put me on good ground. He taught at Harvard for 8 years so he really knows his stuff. And he is teaching probably my two favorite things that have to do with English: fiction writing and Russian Literature. How cool is that?
Yes and I mentioned he leads the academic travel. For those of you that don't know, Franklin takes two weeks in October and every student goes off to some country to travel. It's a one credit class, requiring a journal of some sort and perhaps a paper or two. For my travel, I am going to Greece. I've heard that it is the best travel and that I am very fortunate to have gotten on it. WooHoo! Pictures forthcoming in several months.
Speaking of pictures, for those of you that like the visuals, here's a view of my living situation:

So this is my building, the admissions building, the villa, the loft, whatever you want to call it. My room is on the top floor, those tiny little windows you see on each side of the protruding corner.
The view of my room from outside the door. My bed on the right unmade, the desk that i rarely use, and two of the tiny four windows I have (the others are on the right side of my bed). The walls are bare, but I'm planning on putting up some pictures or something. I don't know.
The view from the corner with my bed. The desk I actually use and the bed that I don't use. But just think, if you come and visit.... Oh and I know it looks really crooked, but it's just the angular ceiling...or is it??? I don't know what that means.

Well I hope you've all had your fill of pictures for the time being. So all of you have a good labor day, enjoy it since we don't get the day off. Ah yes, I almost forgot.
I decided that I needed to make this a bit more interactive. So, there will be a contest approximately once a week (depending on if I remember or not). This weeks contest: do something distinctly American for me since I cannot. The best, most creative, most to my liking will win. Post your activities that you do as a comment on here. Sound good? Capisce?


  1. Does going to a Husker football game (wearing red, of course) and listening to Lee Greenwood sing his hit song count as "distinctly American"? If not distinct, it was "painfully American."

  2. About this 'contest'... what do we get if we win? Because I'll be a lot more inclined to play if I have some inspiration.

    Not playing unless there's a prize? Now thats American for ya!

  3. ate pizza, drank a beer, and watched college football. unbeatable

  4. I can do "painfully Minnesotan..." How about going to the MN State Fair and eating hot dish on a stick? There was no Lee Greenwood, but there was bottomless milk and not so bottomless beer...