Tea and Crumpets

I don't know why I chose that title. Just seemed like the right thing to do. No, I'm not going to london this weekend. Actually that's really up in the air right now. It was supposed to be Amsterdam but prices just went up like crazy (who knows why), so we're looking other places. Perhaps Dublin?
So it's been a good couple days. Not terribly exciting but hey, that's life sometimes right? A few things of note though. The game count is now officially at: 1. I was making up that 3 number before. Don't worry though, I may start slow but I finish strong. Also, I made the basketball team--no small feat. Actually it was really easy. We're horrible. I'm one of the better players and I am really not that good at all. But it's a lot of fun and it's a good way to work out. Our coach played college ball at Georgetown and has been playing in Argentina, Latvia, Finland, Switzerland since then. Crazy. He's just started coaching so the program is on the rise! I'm gonna carry it on my shoulders guys. Swiss national championship--I may not be able to come back until I've reached that goal. Sorry, but I'm on a mission.

One other thing. I was walking down the down the steps and a thought came to my head that was really weird. I've been in Switzerland for two weeks now, and it's so strange how already I've adapted to this life like it's second nature almost. It took the realization that I was climbing down a marble staircase that came from my room that is perched on top of a mountain in the Swiss Alps overlooking a beautiful lake. That's so wild, but already it was seeming not so different. And my friends. I've known them all for two weeks at the most but we all hang out like it's always been that way--you just don't think about it. It's really strange. I wonder what else we naturally adapt to that we don't even realize. Like things that aren't so obvious. There's your food for thought for the day. Hmm, food for thought for the day--that could be like a regular category. What do you think? should i do that? or would that just bore you? silence is an answer too!
Sorry no pictures today. I'm still working on getting those postcards out. And I'm also still waiting for my first snail mail. I might have to promise some Swiss chocolate for the winner of that contest. Not like the punks wanting prizes for my other silly little contest. I mean really! You know who you are! (everyone else, just read the last post comments to embarrass him). Like I said, I need pictures to put up on my wall. You all could get creative with that--especially you in manhattan. Ok, ciao.

oh yes, and by the way i'm still lying about the game. you believed me, didn't you?

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  1. so i saw this amazing sunrise over manhattan hill, complete with cotton candy-esque fog and lovely sun rays...and i thought, dang, this would be an example of a picture you would send Luke to put on his wall. unfortunately, neither sally or i had a camera, so you will have to perhaps draw your own rendition or wait for something better. :)