Fun Facts about Franklin College

Why hello. Thank you for tuning in. You see you've caught us just in time for the first installment of...Fun Facts about Franklin College!!! (I'm on this alliteration kick recently, just let it go--it's an easy way to make me look clever) What is this mysterious institution? An American college in Switzerland? In the Alps? Wouldn't you like to know what this place is like? Well good thing for you then that you tuned in!
So this is what I've learned in the first 3 weeks here...there could be more to follow, but here are the incredibility of this illustrious institution's history:

1. Two of the dorms used to be brothels

2. One girl that goes here is literally named, "Talent"

3. Osama Bin Laden's nephew went to school here

4. There are still mirrors on the ceilings in some of the rooms of those dorms

5. There is a girl here who wears a tail all the time--I kid you not, a tail like Cat in the Hat

6. We have royalty from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and several other countries

7. A prostitute was stabbed to death in one of the rooms of those dorms

8. It was in my friend John's room

Thank you for tuning into this first installment of Fun Facts about Franklin!!! I hope you found it interesting and intriguing. Perhaps this presents not the most accurate picture as a whole, but they are all true and are very interesting, at least to me. I hope you enjoyed it. Farewell and good evening.


  1. holy crap! That is crazy, all of it! Have you met any of the royalty, maybe you'll hook up with someone and become a prince or something. oh and the thing about the prostitute getting stabbed, creepy! I mean the fact that there were prostitutes is creepy enough but a stabbed one is even creepier. It sounds like you are having a great time.

  2. The only thing that would have made that post better would be if you had said: "My professor was the man that stabbed that prostitute." Sounds like you and Switzerland are getting along like Milo and Otis. Keep on comin' at us with Franklin Facts!

  3. What an awesome college!

    More installments of 'Fun Facts about Franklin College' please, and as a suggestion (I assume that constructive criticism is always appreciated), maybe pics could be added next time. For example, which buildings were brothels, what your boy John's room looks like, etc...

    Remind me again why we chose K-State in Manhattan when Frankling in SWITZERLAND was available. Sorry, John, I know that Manhattan is the Promised Land...