it's over. the storm has subsided and only the ice remains. my house happened to be one of the very few in manhattan that kept power throughout the whole ordeal. which, actually was a little anti-climactic for me. so i had to go out and make my own adventure!

i walked probably 3 miles before my battery went out, about which i was not very happy. i got a ride home and recuperated for just enough time before heading back out to the konza. it was ice covered and wonderful. we had the whole place to ourselves.

it was a great snow day. oh, except for the fact that i almost died. yeah, i was taking pictures under a tree of a broken branch when all the sudden there was crackling all around me. i froze. there was nowhere to go. the trunk was a step to my left, and a giant branch fell just on the other side of that. pretty crazy. pretty exhilarating.

i feel like i had other things to say, but i can't remember them. so...pictures!


  1. this is pretty stellar luke

  2. i'm glad that you documented it.
    sorry that it didn't seem like i cared that you almost died.
    so sorry.

  3. wow, those are stunning pictures. thanks for sharing those, luke. I heard Kansas & Missouri got hit pretty bad by ice, but didn't really have a visual for it.