night ice

well it was about 12:30 the other night and i was quite tired, but realizing it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, i trekked out into the night to take some pictures. three and a half hours later i came back. here is a sampling:

well I didn't almost die this time or anything, but I did wipe out brutally on a patch of ice. i noticed it and walked around it the first time, but then on the way back i just walked right out on it. no idea why. i said to myself, "i really shouldn't be walking on thi--ahh!" I held my tripod high in the air for safety, allowing all my weight to land on my knee. it's a bit sore, and i didn't get the wave of adrenaline and euphoria like when the branch fell by me. no, this time i got a wave of throbbing. nice. oh, it's fine now.

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