What Would Jesus Buy

I really want to see this. Anyone else in for when I go back to kc? Or it's also playing in Lawrence next sunday night...might make a trip.

I spent about 2 hours watching youtube videos on this guy, and he seems pretty legit--ridiculous, but legit. I appreciate the satire as an affective means for change. And I think it does a good job of being accessible to many.

On another note, I've recently discovered that I like almonds. In fact, that I like pretty much any kind of nut. Hm, go figure.


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  2. an iPhone. Oh, was that question about Jesus' buying habits rhetorical?

    yep, an iPhone. no doubt in my mind.

  3. oh luke. you have to try almond m&m's...i don't have a single friend who can appreciate them, and if you can? well. that would just be awesome. my best friend hates almonds. and if you haven't seen this by dec 30, we'll make it happen.

  4. my favorite thing about this video is the walt disney font.

    tahts not true. i like other things about it more. i just thought i'd point that out.