janelle monae

this is cool. "many moons"

ps i didn't mean to offend any women in my last post. was the question in any way helpful? i don't know. it is probably more an inquiry into the perceptions that we have of the other gender or our own, and how that affects the way we allow ourselves to act--rather than a helpful inquiry into gender differences and the way women make decisions, which is probably the other side of what i was wanting to write a little bit about but probably shouldn't have put them together. maybe someday i'll come back to that issue on a little more serious level. yes that last post wasn't entirely serious in case you were wondering.

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  1. i was excited when i first starting hearing about janelle monae, bc she grew up in kck. she's still cool, but she mentioned dorothy in one of her interviews and it made me cringe a little.

    i have to see a show of hers.