the superbowl

they call it a game but everyone knows it's more--
too much capital to be gained and lost.
oh but who are the losers you ask?
especially with all those great commercials!
just ask the bookies, they'll tell you.

the longshot or the safe bet--
none of them are safe, thanks to the spread--
some arbitrary thing bought by public opinion,
but public opinion will not change the game.
nothing bounces quite like a football.

i can't keep myself away from the gamble,
laying down big every time--
and yet almost expecting it to be lost.
but aren't you paying for the experience too?
better to have bet and lost...

you learn so much every time,
as if that made the whole thing worthwhile.
next time you'll get it right--
never mind that you are that much poorer,
your pocket has infinite hidden reserves.

i watched you last year in excitement
muted by other blowouts past and yet to come.
on the couch with anticipation,
before the bookies hunted me down--
they always get their man.

so this year i'm closing my wallet,
empty as it is anyway.
though still i'll cheer with friends,
with a little bit of hope
that one day i'll hold the title's prize.

damn i should have just played football.

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