ok, so after a little bit of panic and then relief, it seems as if pretty much all of my data on my external hard drive has been recovered by technical services at k-state. thank goodness. 27.50 is a small price to pay for all of that stuff. but once again, it's just stuff--and hopefully now i have learned something and am a little more free of it all. hopefully.

well i'm going to oklahoma city tomorrow on a mission trip with ichthus--it's going to be really awesome. i am so excited. so, more time away from the computer and the blog. so i'll leave you with a link to an article that i found very intriguing. if you are reading this blog (or any blog), or even using the internet at all you really should read it. and if you look at it and it seems too long--that is exactly the point. so for those of you who think my blog entries are too long at times, this is also for you. read it!


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