contest results

well, so that was a bit tougher than i thought it was going to be (though 5 of them were at least nominated for academy awards in the past--but a lot of them are kinda older movies). no one got more than 2 right without cheating, and there were a few of you who did that. so...i'm curving this test and giving everyone an A! that means if you ask for one of these albums or another soundtrack i could get ahold of i'll make you a copy. just let me know! thanks everyone for playing. here are the answers:

1. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - The Encounter
2. Atonement - Briony
3. Batman Begins - Molossus
4. Road to Perdition - Rock Island, 1931
5. The Edge - Lost in the Wild (this is probably one of my favorite themes--rare soundtrack to find today)
6. The Usual Suspects - Main Theme
7. Gladiator - Strength and Honor
8. Braveheart - The Princess Pleads for Wallace's Life
9. Last of the Mohicans - Main Theme
10. The Shawshank Redemption - Stoic Theme


  1. ah! now I would have put movies like, Lord of the Rings, and Pete's Dragon, and Meet the Robinsons!

  2. I'd really like crouching tiger, and if you could find some from the Last Samuri too that would be fantastic! You're really generous to make this offer, but I'm gonna take you up on it :)
    for #2, atonement, all I could think of was series of unfortunate events :)

  3. Fun game, let's play again but with pictures